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Writing through the engineering days

The scenery of rain drops slipping on the slides of leaves gives me nostalgia of my engineering days. It was 2015 when I took admission in an engineering college. Continual rain over the days had filled in all the low lying areas beside road leading from the main gate to the hostel. My father had just dropped me off at my newly, temporarily and partially owned property. One of the bed was unoccupied and in another, my senior roommate slept covering himself with blanket from top to bottom.
My room was on fourth floor. It was drizzzling and through the sprinkled glasses of the window, I gazed at the hills on the other side. There were four of them in view, so I saw in them my family photo which hung up on the drawing room walls back at my hometown. The big ones were my parents ofcourse and the small ones- me and my brother. All my life I had remained secluded from friend circles but being alone in a new area of strangers where you don’t identify a ghost was a terrible feeling.
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