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Social insight to the Pulwama tragedy

My paternal grandfather was a retired DSP(Deputy Superitendant of Police) and my maternal grandfather is a retired SP(Superitendant of Police). Sounds something like ‘mere chacha vidhayak hain?’.
Alright. This is on a plain context by an ordinary citizen of India. Yesterday on the occasion of Valentine’s day, where it was supposed to celebrate love all around, the whole country shed is filled with remorse due to the suicide bombing of 40 jawaans in their army bus at Pulwama. This article isn’t concerned about anything about the incident but almost everything after that follows on social media.

Scene 1: Sharing status
News feed, stories, status updates- they were all filled with the news of the incident. People are continually expressing grief over the incident but like everything, it is a problem for some. Now the question to those who are fed up with the status, why don’t you understand that like you, others too have their freedom of expression?Alright, everyone has their freedo…

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